Investors Should Avoid The Next Big Thing

Speak to any decent investment adviser and they will preach the virtues of diversification. In my language, that means: spread your money around. Good, rock-solid, textbook advice. The other week, I was speaking to Jonothan McColgan, a chartered financial planner at Combined Financial Strategies, concerning an article I was about to write for The Mail […]

Are You Taking The Right Kind of Risk?

When shares are down it’s time to rebalance… and it could even make you more money Ensuring your investments are sufficiently diversified is not an easy task. But experts say it is now more vital than ever to make sure your portfolio reflects your appetite for risk – and the time frame in which you […]

Woodford Survival Guide

High rolling City clients are deserting him, so should you give the fallen star the boot when you can? A week is a long time in politics – and finance too. Just ask Neil Woodford, one of the biggest star fund managers the UK has ever seen, who ended last week with his reputation in […]

Investment Advice: This Is When You Can Do Without It

With interest rates at rock bottom and inflation creeping up, many are turning increasingly to the stock market for higher returns. The next decision is harder: whether to handle your own investments or have a professional take care of them for you. On the one hand, you could become one of the many who presume […]

How Can I Use My £162k Savings to Spare Me From Full-Time Work?

Like most parents, Jo Bishop wants to be financially comfortable without compromising the amount of time she spends with her children. Ms Bishop, 47, currently works as a school administrator in Leicestershire. Her day usually finishes at 2.30pm, which allows her to spend her afternoons with her two daughters, Susie, nine, and Evie, seven. Before […]

In Our Early 50s With £159k Pension Savings, Can We Retire at 60?

David and Tracey Yeabsley are set on an early retirement. The couple, aged 52 and 51 respectively, want to stop working by the time they are 60. Mr Yeabsley’s job as a contractor in the financial services industry is demanding and involves being away from home for months at a time. His income varies: he […]

I’m 46 and Earn £95,000 As An Expat. Can I Retire in Five Years?

For the past three-and-a-half years Heather Churchill has been enjoying the weather and a tax-free salary as an expat in Dubai. After serving with the RAF for 25 years she now works in the Middle Eastern city as an air navigation instructor. Ms Churchill, 46, is paid £95,000 a year – 30pc of which is […]