Professional financial planning


Financial planning for professionals

From the moment you qualify to the day you retire, you'll be presented with a raft of decisions that affect your career and personal success. A sound financial plan, that combines relevant strategies, makes these decisions that much clearer. And by speaking to professional financial planners, you're free to spend more time on building your career.

Professional advice geared to professions

CFS offers financial advice and planning in the same professional, experienced manner that you look after your clients - saving you time and combining strategies you might never consider. We understand that different professions present different career decisions and we can tailor the right strategies to your circumstances.

Accountants +

When you work in finance, it may seem unnecessary to seek financial advice. But our fresh perspective allows you see your own finances in a more objective way. Whether you're working in a firm or setting up a practice, we can help you balance your professional financial planning with ongoing personal decisions - such as buying a house, starting a family or planning for retirement.

Dentists +

From moving to all-private practice to new technologies and increased demand for cosmetic treatments, you have many business and financial decisions to mull over. Independent financial advice can leave you free to focus on the things that will enhance your career and your practice.

Doctors +

With the current climate of change in pensions and responsibilities, deciding on a career path is both exciting and challenging. It may be that a combination of financial strategies is best to support and safeguard the decisions you make, both during your medical career and into retirement.

Solicitors +

From paying-off university debts to professional fees, buying into a partnership to legacy planning, a combination of financial planning and independent advice will ease the stress as you plan for each step of your life and career.

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