Corporate financial planning

A strategy for maintaining a work life balance
Corporate financial planning is a balance between the needs of your business, your employees and your own personal goals. As these change at different stages of your personal and business lifecycle, aligning your planning can help shape your future and provide precious peace of mind.

As Chartered Financial planners, CFS offers qualified, experienced and independent corporate financial consultancy. From tax and pensions to inward investment and exit plans, our advisers can provide sound practical and strategic guidance, whatever size your business and ambitions.

Sole traders, start-ups and small businesses

Things to consider:
  • When personal and business finances are inextricably linked, your financial future requires extra careful planning.
  • Owning your own business can create exciting opportunities for tax-efficient planning.
  • Success is often based on one or two key individuals, so it's vital to ensure suitable protections are in place.
  • Pension planning, cashflow maintenance, corporate protection or a secure exit-strategy all require ongoing planning, as well as long-term financial strategies.

Medium-sized businesses

Things to consider:
  • Your plan should involve both personal financial strategies and ensuring security for your employees, co-directors and shareholders.
  • Protection from financial troughs and freeing-up capital for expansion can be achieved with little impact on your bottom line.
  • You can improve staff retention and productivity by offering tax-efficient financial incentives.
  • Company pensions are compulsory for companies with five or more full-time staff. We can help you nominate the right solution.
  • Start planning today for the most profitable exit strategy or succession.

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