Combining financial strategies for life and work

At Combined Financial Strategies (CFS) we believe there's more to securing your future than just investing in the right products. We approach planning with 'synergised thinking' - carefully integrating your policies, accounts and investments so they're working harder together to achieve your personal and professional goals.


Based in Bath, we are one of a handful of local advisers who have achieved Chartered Financial Planner Status. This means you benefit from some of the finest guidance in the UK, from consultants trained in all areas of financial planning.


In everything we do, we believe in putting the client first. For example, we're independent because it gives us the freedom to provide advice and products we believe are right for your needs - not because we're tied to a provider. This is also why we place great emphasis on understanding your circumstances before tailoring a strategy - and plan transparently so that your choices are always clear and well explained.

Combining strategies

It's our goal to help you achieve the maximum measure of financial certainty by making your combined assets work in the most effective way. Devising personalised programmes that balance your personal and professional concerns, we can align all aspects of your financial plan in the direction that best achieves your various goals.

To learn more about combined financial planning and how it would work for you, please contact us for an initial consultation.

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